Recently I switched from MAMP to AMPPS for local web development on my Mac.

Like MAMP, AMPPS is an “installable full stack” that can be used to unintrusively run an Apache/MySQL/PHP/Perl/Python stack on Linux/Windows/Mac. And, like MAMP, it installs as an application, and the server daemons can be switched on or off as needed.

The main motivation for the switch was that my trial license for MAMP PRO expired, and its PRO benefits were not really benefitting me enough to purchase a license and continue using it. However, it was not a simple thing to simply switch over to MAMP (non-PRO), as my database settings were seemingly not reflecting after the switch. Additionally, AMPPS comes with Softaculous, which is a suite of scripts that lets one easily install many web apps that can run on the stack.

An example of such an app is WordPress. From an administration screen it’s possible to enter a few site details and after clicking a button, the site is up and ready. As we now develop a lot for WordPress at work, this ability to get WordPress instances up and running quickly has been very helpful.

Try AMPPS, it’s totally free.